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TennesseeOnlineDivorce is a legit and simple way to prepare for the uncontested divorce process and get the necessary paperwork in a couple of days.

The advantages of using an online divorce service are:

  • Easy access to the online service from any device (smartphone, tablet, personal computer) connected to the Internet.
  • You can work on your papers anytime you want from the comfort of your home.
  • You’re in control of how quickly you move on with your progress. You can answer the online questionnaire (designed to collect the necessary data) at your own pace.
  • After finishing the interview questions, all the paperwork is ready to be downloaded in just two business days.
  • Detailed filing instructions are included in the packet of services. They will enable you to avoid common mistakes when starting your divorce process.
  • It’s quick and cheap to prepare high-quality papers.

You need to pass a simple verification process before you can start using an online service and file for divorce online in Tennessee.

How to qualify for an online divorce?

Spouses with an uncontested divorce can use our online service to get a divorce online in Tennessee. It does not mean they will get a final judgment over the Internet. Instead, the service will help them prepare legal papers to file their case with the court. The primary condition is to agree on all issues concerning the separation, such as child custody, property division, alimony, etc.

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Tennessee

Divorce With a Lawyer

A traditional way to resolve divorce issues is by hiring an attorney.

  • High prices. Tennessee lawyers’ hourly fees are about $200
  • Litigation extends the divorce process to many months
  • Endless meetings with a lawyer
  • Increased risk of igniting more conflicts than before the trial
  • Custody disputes negatively impact children

A fast and straightforward approach to preparing for an uncontested divorce in Tennessee.

  • Low cost of paperwork preparation
  • Completed documents in just two business days
  • Single flat fee to register and get all the papers
  • A convenient online tool, available from any device at home or office
  • Helpful customer support and a detailed filing guide

DIY divorce

A do-it-yourself divorce where the spouses do all the paperwork themselves is the cheapest way to end a marriage but has many drawbacks.

  • Lack of understanding of laws leads to mistakes in papers
  • High possibility of getting unfavorable divorce terms
  • Many hours are needed to collect all divorce forms
  • It can lead to additional expenses
  • It can turn into a contested divorce in certain situations
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File for Divorce Online in Tennessee Without a Lawyer

The marriage dissolution process starts when one of the spouses files legal papers with the court and notifies the other spouse. Filing for divorce without an attorney means that the divorcees will have to complete the paperwork independently and finalize their divorce without a lawyer. Here are the steps they will need to take.

Filing Process

  1. To start a divorce, the plaintiff (the filing spouse) needs to complete the Request for Divorce. It includes personal information about each spouse and their children, the grounds for divorce, the residence of each spouse, etc.
  2. The plaintiff must pay the filing fees or file the Request to Postpone Filing Fees and Order form.
  3. If the documents are in order, the clerk will date-stamp them. One copy of the papers will stay with the plaintiff.
  4. The next step is to make at least two copies of this form and other initial papers and give them to the court clerk in the county where the defendant lives.

After the defendant receives the papers and files an answer or a waiver of service, the plaintiff will need to wait 60 or 90 days, depending on the circumstances, to schedule a final hearing.

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Tennessee

A DIY divorce is a convenient and quick solution to end a marriage for couples in complete agreement about their divorce terms. Plus, it’s one of the best options to save money on the attorney’s help.

The do-it-yourself option can be challenging for people without particular knowledge of the court procedure. So, many of them resort to mediation, limited legal representation, and online divorce. For instance, spouses with uncontested divorces can use TennesseeOnlineDivorce to avoid mistakes while preparing for a divorce and get all the paperwork done fast and inexpensively.

The steps to proceed with a do-it-yourself divorce are:

1. Collect and fill out the court-required divorce forms.

In Tennessee, the initial papers include:

  • Request for Divorce
  • Spouses’ Personal Information
  • Summons

2. File the initial papers with the court clerk.

The plaintiff should choose a circuit or other court that handles divorces in the defendant's county. If the other spouse isn’t a Tennessee resident, the case is filed in the county where the filing spouse lives. The plaintiff must also pay court fees when submitting the papers.

3. Serve papers on the defendant.

The plaintiff must legally inform the other spouse about the start of the divorce proceedings. To do this, the defendant needs to receive the copies of the initial papers in one of the following ways:

  • From a third person who’s at least 18 years old;
  • From a sheriff or a private process server;
  • By certified mail;
  • By publication, if the location of your spouse is unknown.

If the divorce is amicable, the defendant can sign a waiver of service, which will make this step of the filing process faster.

4. Wait 60 or 90 days from filing the Request.

If the spouses don’t have children, their waiting period to get a divorce decree will be 60 days. Otherwise, they will have to wait for 90 days.

5. Finalize the case.

Ask the clerk to set a date for the final hearing. After the hearing, deliver a copy of the Final Divorce Order to the other spouse if needed.

We provide you with:
  • All Required Tennessee State Forms
  • Tennessee-Specific Court Filing Instructions
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active

Getting a Divorce With Children in Tennessee

Any divorce involving children involves resolving child-related matters, such as custody and child support. Each parent has equal rights to care for their kids if it is in their best interests.

In the absence of a joint parenting plan and a settlement agreement, the judge can order one of the following types of custody:

  • Joint/sole legal custody. It concerns any decisions about a child's health, education, recreation, etc.
  • Joint/sole physical custody. It refers to the child’s place of living. Usually, one parent is a primary residential caretaker, and the other has visitation rights.

When making any custody decision, the judge will look at the following factors:

  • emotional ties between the kids and parents;
  • living conditions and psychological environment of each party’s home;
  • mental and physical health of each caregiver;
  • the child’s preferences if they are at least 12 years old;
  • evidence of family violence;
  • the willingness of each parent to support the child’s frequent contact with the other parent, etc.

Additionally, all parents getting divorced must attend a Parenting Class, consisting of several pre-divorce counseling sessions. Its duration should be at least 4 hours. But the judge can extend the number of hours depending on the circumstances.

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Residency Requirements in TN

Tennessee judges can grant a divorce only if the spouses meet the state residency requirements. First, at least one of the parties must have lived in TN for at least six months before filing a complaint. Second, if either spouse is in the military, they must have been stationed within Tennessee limits for at least one year. If neither party meets the residency requirements, the courts won’t have jurisdiction over their case.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Tennessee?

The length of any divorce process depends on many factors, such as the presence of minor children, the number of unresolved issues before the court hearing, the amount of property, etc. Typically, less contentious cases take less time to get finalized. For example, proceedings for uncontested divorces last, on average, three to six months.

Tennessee family law requires a waiting period for divorces. Couples without minor children need to wait 60 days for a divorce decree. The waiting period for spouses with kids is 90 days. No judge will issue a final judgment until 60 or 90 days have passed since the filing.

When the waiting period is over, the couple will have to ask the clerk to schedule the hearing. Depending on how many cases are in the backlog, it can take weeks.

Contentious divorces can last 12 months on average, depending on the level of conflict between the parties. However, disputes over property, alimony, or children can potentially extend the process to 1.5-2 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the spouses are ready to resolve all the divorce-related issues out of the courtroom, they can file an application for uncontested or agreed divorce. The first step is to complete and submit the initial papers to the court clerk. The rest of the filing process includes serving the documents on the defendant and submitting additional paperwork.

Getting divorced in Tennessee can be very costly if the process is highly contentious. For instance, couples with disputes over property division and child custody pay on average $15,000-$17,000.

Uncontested divorces are less expensive. Spouses wishing to save money and get divorced by mutual consent can use online divorce services, such as TennesseeOnlineDivorce. It offers a complete packet of divorce papers ready to file with the court for just $139.

A person filing for divorce must pay a filing fee when submitting the papers to the clerk’s office. The plaintiff will need to pay $300-$380 depending on their case circumstances and county rules. If they cannot afford this payment, they can ask the judge to waive or delay it. The form to request the fee waiver is called “Uniform Civil Affidavit of Indigency” and must be filed with the initial papers.

Some court-approved blank forms for agreed divorce are available at the self-help part of the official Tennessee State Courts website. However, you will probably need other additional papers not represented on the website. If you want to collect all the documents fast, TennesseeOnlineDivorce can help. We’ll provide you with all the documentation, filled out and ready to file.

In Tennessee, divorce cases are managed by the chancery or circuit courts. The divorce complaint and other papers should be filed in the county where the defendant lives. Otherwise, they are filed in the county of the plaintiff’s residence.

Tennessee law allows spouses to file for marriage dissolution using either no-fault or fault-based grounds. No-fault reasons include irreconcilable differences and separation with no minor children for two years. Fault-based grounds, such as adultery, bigamy, felony conviction, and others, should be proved during the court hearings.

Tennessee judges divide all marital property equitably between the parties. Real estate, personal property, other assets, and debts are considered marital property if acquired after the wedding date. The judge will typically consider several factors during the division process. They include each party’s financial situation, the length of the marriage, employment prospects, tax consequences, etc.